Sha Janelle Blog

Sha and I connected through a mutual networking group, and she explained that she wanted to start a minimalist lifestyle blog to write about her 20-something life in New York City, Fashion, dating as a millenial, and her journey in health and fitness. I took some time getting to know Sha, her vibe, and what we envisioned her blog looking like. Months later, she has added many valuable and beautifully written blog posts!

Services Delivered: Branding + Website Design

I worked with Linsey a few months ago when I needed someone to create a simple website for my blog that I was launching! She asked a few things of me, like creating a mood board on Pinterest, picking a few color schemes that I resonated with and the overall end goal for my blog and the results were AMAZING! All of my friends and fam were shocked by how professional it looked...mainly because they thought I created it. However, I gladly told them that I worked with Linsey and they also had nothing but amazing things to say. Thanks so much for all of your work Linsey!
— Sha Goode