Every Business is different, so why settle for cookie cutter service?


No matter what your business is, how long you’ve been at it, or what your budget is, you deserve visual branding and a website that you are proud of! That’s what I’m here for. 

These packages are based on real client experiences. If you don’t see what you’re after, shoot me a message and we will create exactly what you need!

Brand Design

Brand Clarity Call

Are you a DIYer or scrappy entrepreneur?

You may be in the position that a DIY brand is the best choice for you — but that doesn't mean you're sure where to start!

The brand clarity call will set you off in the right direction, give you all the tips I can bundle into 90 minutes, and help you gain clarity on your brand message and what you want to convey. At the end of our call, you will have clear, actionable steps to follow.

Best For: The “stuck” entrepreneur, the DIYer, baller on a budget
Timeline: 90 min + prep
Full Brand

Branding is essential… and it is much more than just having a logo for your business. My branding package will include everything you need to start off on the right track with your brand. Each business is different in what kind of collateral it may need, so each package is specifically curated for you and your business. You’ll automatically get the essentials: primary logo, alternate logos and submarks, color palette, custom texture or pattern, and all relevant files. Then we will evaluate your business needs and add on the relevant collateral so you have everything you need to confidently present your brand.

Best For: New business, re-brand, service based businesses, 1-2 years old.
Timeline: 6 weeks

Squarespace Website Design

The website

A custom, branded website is a great way to showcase your business and what you offer to clients or customers. Sure, you could try DIY-ing it… but who really has the time?!

I customize and code your Squarespace website from scratch — focusing on whatever your main goal is! You’ll walk away with something that you are proud of, and that you can maintain and edit on your own (confidently, no matter how non-techy you are!)

Your package will be customized based on your business and your goals for the site, but all packages automatically include up to 5 custom pages, two major revisions, custom graphics, a personal training call, and much more! Once we have our initial discovery call, I will create a custom quote just for you!

I also recommend getting copy from Words by Jill — a gorgeous website can do a lot, but the words and the marketing strategy that Jill provides are the true secret sauce — (Up to 900 Words *separate fee of approx. $1,745)

Best for: New business, re-brand, service based businesses, 1+ years old.
Timeline: 4 weeks
The store

An e-commerce store is a whole different beast!

If you have a store, this option is for you. The base will still be similar to the website package, but there must be a strategy in place for getting people to click the products and complete the purchase!

I want to create an easy-to-maintain online shop for you, so that you have no headaches about your biz, just celebratory sales dances over and over again!

Best for: New or Re-brand, product based businesses, 1+ years old.
Timeline: 6 weeks
Not ready to invest in a professional website design package? Check out my DIY Squarespace Templates!

** Copy is provided via a trusted affiliate. You will have a separate discovery call and proposal/invoicing process with affiliate. Affiliate bills in CAD.



+ How do I pay you? Do you do payment plans?

I take payment on a 40%, 30% and 30% model via credit card or PayPal in USD. You will pay a 40% non-refundable deposit upon signing our contract, 30% mid-way through our project, and the final 30% along with any added expenses when the project is completed. I am happy to discuss payment plans based on your needs.

+ Why do you use Squarespace?

Because it’s the all-in-one choice! I love Squarespace for myself and for my clients because it is a no-hassle platform. It’s easy to use, for you to make updates or to blog, and your hosting, updates, etc. are all in one place and handled by Squarespace. No buggy plug-ins, no monthly maintenance needed. Plus, the websites are sleek!

+ How much does Squarespace cost? How much does my domain cost?

Squarespace has a handful of pricing tiers as well as monthly versus annual billing options. When building a site with me, you will receive 20% off your first annual subscription. You can see the pricing details here. Your domain cost will vary depending on its popularity and where it is purchased from. With my package you get 1 free year of your domain if available and hosted through Squarespace.

+ What if none of those packages are what I need?

No problem! Let’s book a call to see if we can build a package that is perfect for you and your one-of-a-kind business!

+ What is copy & why do I need it?

Gorgeous design is great and definitely something you need, but without an engaging brand story or a strong voice to convey your message, you may as well grab you logo from fiverr (please don't!). Website copy is more than just words on page. It brings your visual branding full circle with words that align with your mission, vision, and purpose for your business. Learn more about the importance of copy to connect with your clients at Words By Jill.