What is Squarespace?

> Squarespace is an easy to use website building platform with a “drag and drop” interface.

Will I need to purchase anything extra?

> With your template, you will need a Squarespace subscription (can be purchased after you complete the initial trial period), a domain (may be available for 1 year free through Squarespace), and either an Adobe Illustrator subscription, or a trial of Adobe Illustrator. Some templates require Adobe Illustrator, while some use Canva, double check your template info.

How much does Squarespace cost?

> Squarespace has multiple package options, you can check them out here.

What do I use to edit the graphics?

> Some templates use Adobe Illustrator, while some use Canva. Make sure to double check your template information when purchasing.

Is there any coding involved?

> Nope! These designs are created without the use of code at all! If there is something you want to customize (such as fonts that aren’t included in SS) then I’d be happy to guide you.

Could I hire someone to build the template for me?

> Sure! But you don’t need to. These templates were made to be easily DIY’d -- If you just don’t have the time, you can purchase and add-on for me to do the build for you, just send me an email.

Can I edit the template?

> 100%! The template is a guide. You can change the colors, fonts, and any element placement as you wish.

Why do I have to build the template myself?

> The template was created so that you can do it easily, and because of that, the price is adjusted to reflect that.

What if I don’t know how to use Squarespace?

> I include a tutorial video to walk you through all the basics you’ll need in order to build your website with the template!

Can I use my own logo, colors, photos, and graphics?

> Absolutely!

Can I blog on my Squarespace site?

> Definitely! If your template doesn’t include a designed blog page in it, you can easily add one using the “blog” page option in Squarespace. Instructions will be included in your tutorial videos.

Can I add an e-commerce shop to my Squarespace site?

> Of course! E-commerce can be a bit more work, but if you decided to add a shop, I’d be happy to have a consultation to discuss the steps with you.

What do I get after purchase?

> Tutorial Videos, written instructions, and all the relevant files to build your website.

What if I’m not a techie person?

> You don’t need to be! I’ve made the tutorial as easy as it gets, you’ll have your website ready in no time!

What is your refund policy?

> Because of the digital aspect of this product, refunds can not be given. If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them before or after your purchase.