You Need Dubsado, Here's Why


Dubsado, a robust client relationship management tool. So robust in fact, that I don’t think I am using it to its full abilities. BUT I am getting closer, and each step I take just makes me fall more in love.

The price tag can stop people from proceeding with Dubsado, but I think that is just because they don’t see the full value until it is implemented in their business. Now, Dubsado does offer a trial period that includes three clients, so depending on how many clients you onboard on a regular basis, you could have a few months worth of your trial to tinker around with it!

Another thing people may not realize is that Dubsado eliminates the need for other paid services. I was using, Calendly, and Canva Pro before Dubsado, which equals about $530-$590 per year. Dubsado is $35/month = $420 a year. The benefit is that it is one program to master, and everything is in one place… along with all the other stuff it can do!

To really explain the benefits, I wanted to outline what I was doing before in a basic Branding and Web Design bundle project...

This is a basic run-down, and definitely not a complete list of everything I did throughout the life of a project:

  • Receive Lead Email via Squarespace submission form

  • Email back and forth to find out what lead needs

  • Book discovery call with Calendly, input link in email

  • Send either proposal (with Canva) or contract after call from

  • Send Invoice for Deposit from

  • Send welcome pack PDF (made in Canva) to be sure certain details were noted (ie. office hours, etc.)

  • Have call to discuss needs/wants/direction for project, take lots of notes

  • Create mood boards, send as images in Google Drive for review -- either get feedback via comments on the image or via email

  • Create logo concepts, send as images in Google Drive, hope client sends back unprompted valuable feedback

  • Export branding files and drop into Google Drive, include Brand File Info PDF (made in Canva)

  • Invoice client from

  • Create marketing material, send as images in Google Drive for review

  • Ask for website content and hope they have some/urge them to hire a copywriter

  • Chase down client for photos and copy for their website throughout the weeks of building. Ask that it is put into shared GoogleDrive folder, get numerous emails with random pieces here and there and a few DropBox links.

  • Make website layout in Illustrator, share as PDF in Google Drive for Review, comment back and forth with client about changes on the PDF

  • Build site in Squarespace

  • Use calendly link to book a training call with client to review site and set-up domain

  • Send final invoice via

  • Send feedback request PDF with a link to FB page for review (made in Canva)

Whew, that was exhausting just to read! I was bouncing around in different software platforms, sending things here and there, and receiving bits here and there. It was a mess. I spent so much time on all the admin stuff, and was exhausted when it came to the actual creating and designing!

Some features of Dubsado include (but not limited to, they are constantly testing and adding more!):

  • Embedded or linked Lead Capture Form

  • All forms/Presentations from proposal to final review

  • Invoicing (stripe/paypal)

  • Connect to Quickbooks

  • Contracts (with digital signature)

  • Scheduling/Calendar integration (including the option to embed booking calendar)

  • Email read receipts

  • Auto-scheduling for emails

  • personalized/custom client portal for each client

  • Team Member capability for assigning tasks

  • Task Manager with reminders

  • Multiple Brands under one account, one cost

  • Time Tracker

  • Email Inbox, organized by client/project

  • + much more

I am not going to walk you through my WHOLE process again, because that’s excessive. But there are a few key things that I use it for now, that have changed from my process before. Mostly, it just makes me look more professional, organized, and allows me to be more thorough — without more time and effort than before.

Key Features I Use Daily:

  • Automating lead communications

  • Automating project milestones

  • Sending design concepts

  • Emailing clients (through their project tab, so emails aren’t lost in the inbox)

  • Contracts

  • Invoices

  • Calendar management

  • Scheduling appointments

  • Tracking financial goals

  • Storing canned emails and forms

How it’s changed how I do things:

  • My process feels more professional

  • My presentation looks more professional

  • I get more specific and valuable feedback on concepts, reducing the number of revisions and time spent back and forth

  • My invoices are automated

  • I’ve eliminated costs:, Canva Pro, and Calendly

  • My contract is more specific, protects me and my clients, and I am able to target more important pieces to ensure the client sees the content and agrees to it (ex: business hours)

  • I get more specific lead information so that I know before a call if I should proceed

  • I can see if a client has just not seen my email, rather than assuming they are ignoring me because they hate the designs

  • I get specific and valuable feedback at the end of the project, and have more success getting a Facebook review

  • I save time on emailing, with canned emails created by me for specific purposes

  • My calendar and financial goals are all in one place

  • I get notified of tasks I have assigned myself to complete

Literally every single client project for about a year and a half was a different process before I started using Dubsado, as I kept testing new ways of delivering things and interacting with clients. This added even more time to the processes because I was always reinventing the wheel in a desperate effort to make things easier for myself and for my clients.

With Dubsado, once you’ve figured out your secret sauce, you don’t need to keep reinventing the wheel. It is so easy to set up different workflows for different types of projects, and just duplicate the workflows each time! It’s all automated, seamless, and professional. And you aren’t alone in figuring out that secret sauce! They have an awesome support team, tons of articles and videos to help with different things, and a super supportive Facebook community! Also, when you choose Dubsado, you’re choosing to support a small business, owned by a couple with a small team!

Well, are you convinced? Good! Click this link and we both get a sweet little discount! :)

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You need dubsado here's why
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