What I Do On The First Of The Month



Yup, day one of every new month is my admin/stats day. Sounds exciting right? Well, it kind of is, because it let's me see how much my business is growing in a numerical way. 

What do I track?

  • Facebook Page Likes

  • Instagram Followers

  • Email Subscribers

  • Pinterest Followers

  • Pinterest Avg. Daily Impressions

  • Pinterest Avg. Daily Viewers

  • Pinterest Avg. Monthly Viewers

  • Pinterest Avg. Monthly Engaged

  • Pinterest Avg. Daily Impressions - Site

  • Pinterest Avg. Daily Viewers - Site

Why should you be doing this too? For motivation of course! I can't tell you how pumped I get when I record that new number and it is higher than the previous month. It means that all my hard work is getting me somewhere. I mean, Pinterest is fun, but I don't create pins and use Tailwind just because I think it's fun. I do it to get people back to my site! (Shoutout if you got here from Pinterest!)

Save this super simple spreadsheet and start tracking those stats girl!

(please save the spreadsheet as a copy :) )

What I Do on the First of the Month
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