My Favorite Biz Tools for Service Based Businesses - V2


There’s no secret, technology makes our lives easier. But sometimes, there are so many choices out there that you act like a deer in headlights trying to select which ones to use! I wanted to share a list of all my favorite tools that I use almost every day in my business. If you’re a service based business, or a creative, I bet you’ll love them all!

Airtable -

What is it: A robust content planning tool -- in their own words, “Part spreadsheet, part database, and entirely flexible, teams use Airtable to organize their work, their way.”

I am using it for: Content Planning and Processes. You’re able to create “workspaces” for each subject as well, so they have their own home. I plan and schedule my blog posts, newsletters, etc. and then plan out my packages, used it to plan my rebrand process, as well as the process of creating a Squarespace template. The options are truly endless. I employed Sol Studio Marketing to set-up my workspaces for me, and once she did that, it was a breeze to start using the system everyday! They even have an app for Mac so you can open it up right on your desktop from your dock! The program is free, with the option to upgrade to different packages for different reasons.

Dubsado -

What is it: A hefty client management software that does nearly everything!

I am using it for: Everything client! From the moment a lead comes through my website form (embedded from Dubsado) they enter a workflow as a lead, then get transferred to a workflow as a client based on their project. It can all be automated, from canned emails, to invoices, contracts, and questionnaires. Each client is given a log-in for their own client portal, where all the documents they need are stored and easily accessed throughout the project.

Planoly -

What is it: An instagram planning tool.

I am using it for: Planning out my feed in advance, writing my captions, storing my hashtag bundles, and posting my content. I have used their story scheduling a few times, when I had Black Friday sales and planned out my story graphics in advance. I have also used their auto posting option a few times, when I may be in a timezone that doesn’t align with something I need to post (like a 3 am contest announcement!)

The interface is easy and gorgeous, with both an app and a desktop option, and they offer free and paid plans!

Canva -

What is it: An easy to use design platform for creating simple graphics.

I am using it for: My Instagram stories and pinterest graphics mostly. As a designer, I am partial to Adobe Illustrator, but sometimes Canva is the easiest option. I have a folder of pinterest graphics, that I can just duplicate and edit each time I have a new one to create. It’s great for the “non-designer” because it has pre-designed templates and cute icons you can use royalty free for most purposes.

Tailwind -

What is it: A pinterest scheduling tool (+ Instagram!)

I am using it for: Pinterest Scheduling of course! I’ll be honest, this system still confuses me sometimes, but I know it is a valuable tool. I employed a Pinterest VA (Virtual PEP) to set-up my PInterest Business profile to be optimized, join relevant tribes/group boards, and set-up my Tailwind. From there, I have figured out how to create a pin schedule and have constantly pinned content, meaning people are always seeing “new” content that directs them to my website.

Interact -

What is it: Fun quizzes for marketing purposes and to add a fun twist on your website.

I am using it for: FUN! I have just created a quiz to help the potential client narrow down their ideal package. This could be fun to add to blog posts, or to create silly “what kind of ____ am I” quizzes to generate website traffic or leads.

Creative Market -

What is it: An online store for Fonts, textures, templates, and so much more -- created by fellow makers!

I am using it for: Mostly font purchases for logo designs, but I have purchased a ton of other fun stuff too. I get textures from here, such as gold foil or glitter, and you can buy Squarespace Templates, Pinterest or Instagram Story Templates, and so much  more.

Fontself -

What is it: An easy to use tool for creating your own fonts in Adobe Illustrator!

I am using it for: Currently, to learn and practice. Eventually I may create a real font that I am confident selling (on Creative Market) but for now it is just cool to practice and see what all can be done. Fonts are super intricate and interesting!

Astropad -

What is it: An iPad app to turn it into a mirrored tablet for drawing within Illustrator.

I am using it for: Drawing with my Apple Pencil on my iPad within Illustrator on my computer to create vector graphics.

Calendly -

What is it: An easy to use scheduling tool

I am using it for: Scheduling across time zones & for different purposes. I move time zones often, and that can make it hard to figure out when a call is actually being booked for. Calendly makes it easy to set up my schedule and change my time zone, integrate within my website if I choose, and set specific time blocks to allow for different types of appointments to be made.

Squarespace -

What is it: A drag and drop style website builder

I am using it for: My business! And my clients businesses! I love how easy it is for me to create gorgeous websites for my clients, then pass it over to them, and feel confident that they can update their site with ease.

Procreate -

What is it: An iPad App for drawing with a stylus.

I am using it for: So much fun stuff! Logo concepts, patterns, instagram highlight icons, free wallpapers, fun graphics, calligraphy practice, etc.

There you have it! What is your #1 favorite tool in your business? Let me know!

My Favorite Biz Tools
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