5 Steps to Take Before Starting the Branding Process


I noticed a common downfall in the branding process... many designers weren't ensuring their client had a clear vision for their business.

This ‘downfall’ for lack of better wording was giving designers such as myself a bad name. And honestly, it was our fault, not our clients.

This mistake causes clientele to turn down proof after proof of logos and other marketing materials. When paying for a branding and logo package, the client deserves to get exactly what they want in the end, and hopefully the process won’t be too long or painful, right?

This puts a strain on both the client and the designer. Increased frustration can only make the relationship more fragile. Clients don’t want to be picky, they don’t want to nag, especially when they aren’t the “professional” in this situation, and many times they are worried about offending the designer. But, it is their logo, their brand, the face of their entire well-being — they deserve to be picky!

This is where this free workbook has come to fruition.


While I can always hope that a designer has implemented a discovery process, it doesn’t hurt to be proactive and have something prepared before the process starts. Even with a discovery call or questionnaire, the designer may not get the true all-of- the-emotions-and-feelings idea that you feel for your non-existent brand. You feel me? Chances are you started this journey because you felt passionate about something, and that ‘something’ is going to evolve into a full-blown brand image, so it should seep every ounce of the passion you feel.

I created this free workbook as a way for business owners to get clear on their vision before hiring a designer. If you download it, feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments!

xx LJ