My Choice of Planners For a Successful New Year


It seems around November of each year there is an influx of "what's the best planner you've used" posts spread across all of my entrepreneur Facebook groups.

Basically, everyone is looking for that *perfect* agenda. 

I don't know if I have found it yet, but I am constantly trying new ones until I do. I try to commit for a decent amount of time and give it my all. 

In 2017 I used the Passion Planner. I really love their planners, and it helps that they are a gorgeous, soft, leather like material, and mine was a beautiful blue. 

In 2018, I am trying to focus more on my baby business, whereas in 2017 I bought the planner to be used in my daily life. 

I have huge projects I want to tackle, milestones to achieve, and so many ideas that I am losing track!

Conquer Your Year Planner

Enter: Conquer Your Year 

I was recommended this planner by my business mentor who had been using it for a year prior. Basically, it divides your year into 12 week "sprints", allowing you to focus on goals one at a time rather than trying to tackle everything at once. You are prompted to do a brain dump and jot down your big picture goals, then outline the steps that you need to take to reach those goals. By breaking the goals down into milestones, you can check them off as they are completed, getting you close to completing them. 

You're also prompted to track water consumption, exercise, and a daily habit. Other things it helps you focus on are personal relationships, adventures, etc. 

At the end of each week, and at the end of each sprint, you are prompted to reflect on your progress. I am eager to get started with this planner to see if it can help me narrow in on my goals and focus on them, one milestone at a time. 

The second planner I am using is the Morning Sidekick Journal by Habit Nest.

I am NOT a morning person. I hate alarms. I need coffee to get started. Usually more than one. 

I know I should wake up early, drink lemon water, workout, have a healthy breakfast, meditate, etc. etc. but I just can't. I love sleep entirely too much. And that is the beauty of being my own boss right? I don't have to punch the clock at 8:00 am!

BUT, I know I should try. I found the Morning Sidekick Journal via Instagrams sneaky ads, and I was hooked. 

Morning Sidekick Journal 3
Morning Sidekick Journal 2
Morning Sidekick Journal

The journal is based on 60ish days, helping you create a habit. You start with "hell week" and then it takes you through stages as you move on. 

Each evening, you are prompted to write when you are going to bed and when you plan to wake up, as well as the top 5 tasks you need to complete the next day. When you wake up, it asks what time you *actually* went to bed and what time you *actually* woke up. You then fill out good things about the day and one way to make tomorrow better by 1%. By doing this each morning and evening, you become aware of your habits and can adjust accordingly. The journal also has prompts, quotes, advice, and little doodles to help you along the way. 

What do you look for in a journal/planner? Do you have an amazing one picked out for 2018?


xx LJ

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