How did I get to be the owner of LJ Media House?


I could give you the long version or the short version... let's aim for somewhere in-between.

Throughout High School I took heaps of art classes... I was in the advanced classes that allowed for "full creative freedom" and about half of my day consisted of me covered in various art materials. One could argue that I did this because it was easy, what 17 year old high school senior wouldn't want to have half their credits come from art classes? This may be slightly true, but it was also because -unknown to me- I suffered from severe ADHD. And, I was just good at art.

College rolled around, and I dabbled in the normal activities, and mosey'd around in my gen. ed. classes. I started out extremely interested in their "Graphic Arts Technology Management" major, where I was able to create logos, mousepads, stickers, etc. It was cool, but not all I had ever dreamed. While continuing my art classes, I decided to head the business route, mostly for a sense of safety, you can't go wrong with a business degree, right?


Graduation rolled around. I had a few internships, many part-time jobs, and my college job in the University Football Program. I found a love for sports.

Diploma, Check. Grown-up Responsibilities, Nah. To the Virgin Islands I went!

US Virgin Islands, 2013

US Virgin Islands, 2013


After a few leisurely months in the sand, I decided Graduate School was the next step. I enrolled in a Master of Science in Sport Management with dreams of being some sports lady boss working for the NFL and wearing a Power Suit - WHAT - ha ha ha, oh Linsey. 

The next 3 years included a lot of lame online courses, a few unpaid sports internships, some Substitute Teaching to stay afloat, a move to Switzerland to be an au pair, and a move to Australia to work for the Australian Baseball League. Around graduation time, I also landed a job with my favorite MLB team, the Kansas City Royals. I settle into big-kid life, got a tiny studio apartment in the city, and got ready for the rest of my life. 


Armed with a Bachelors and a Masters, I was working full-time for just a bit over minimum wage and working at a bar part-time into the early hours of the morning just to survive. I never slept. I had no life. I was miserable.

Fast forward to now.

I'm here, writing this blog post, with a cool website, living in Japan with my partner. How? I said I was fed up with being miserable and paved my own path!

I brainstormed. I came across The Bucketlist Bombshells. I made a plan. Sort of. I made a half-hazard plan. I taught myself how to make a website. I booked a one-way flight to Japan. The rest is history!

Nagaoka, Japan 2017

Nagaoka, Japan 2017

Thanks for reading along. Are you a new entrepreneur? Do you want to be? Don't be afraid to drop a comment/question below - I love a good collaboration chat!

xx LJ