Goal Planning for a New Year


Do you usually go into a new year blind, with no plan? No, I didn’t think so.

I can’t be the only person that imagines a year as it is represented in a calendar, where each month moves down the year, and when we have a new year, there is a clear “cut” and a “jump” back up the ladder to January. Anyone else?

Because I visualize a year this way, I love creating new goals for a new year, rather than treating it as just another day following a normal day. It feels like a fresh start, especially after the overwhelm of the holiday time off. But how do you create goals for an entire year without getting overwhelmed? You break it down.

Break your year down into 4 quarters:

January - March

April - June

July - September

October - December.

Three month groups are a lot easier to grasp than twelve months all at once. You also need to know what your goals are. I like to take about an hour or so, play some upbeat and motivating music (like this Good Vibes playlist on Spotify!), and brain-dump every tiny AND outrageous goal you may have. It may also help to jot down steps to reach those goals, if they come to you at that moment.

Next, take those goals and organize them in a timeline; what is the most pressing goal, what may take longer and require more prep, etc. You can see your big goals, broken down by the quarter they are “due” in. After that, you can further break down the steps required for each big goal, and assign due dates for them throughout the quarter.

It may be helpful to add these to your calendar system of choice, whether that is Asana, Google Calendar, or another system. I add my goals to my Airtable account (set-up courtesy of Sol Studio Marketing), and I am loving the different ways I can see my steps to each goal, and the satisfaction of “checking” off the tasks when they are complete. It allows me to see those steps in categories and steps, as well as in a calendar view.

Now, to round it all out, I like to create a vision board for the year! You may choose to make a vision board for each quarter as they come, or one for the entire year. Another option is to make one for your personal goals and one for your business goals. I like to combine mine, but that is entirely up to you!

Here’s my 2019 vision board!

2019 Vision Board - LJ Media House

Now let me know, what is your BIGGEST goal for 2019?

Let’s share as a way to keep ourselves accountable and cheer each other on. My big goal is to launch my Squarespace Template Shop!

Goal Planning for 2019 as an Entrepreneur - LJ Media House
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