Free Instagram Highlight Covers!


Instagram Highlights: No longer new news, but still relevant!

You may have your highlights organized, you may have created a cover photo using a free photo app, or you may be ahead of the game and already have custom highlight covers (You go, girl!)

Whatever step you're at, I wanted to create a big bundle of icons for you, because I like ya, okay?!

So without further blabbing, here they are! Each zip file includes all the icons I created, so just select your favorite (or branded) color and enjoy! If you'd like a color I haven't included, drop me a message and we will see what we can do! If you’re in the market for 100% custom Highlight Icons, you can order those here

Icons include Podcast, food items, travel items, pens, paint brushes, computers, etc.!


Oh, and follow me over on Instagram so I can see the highlights in action, and because I would love to connect with you ;) 

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