Do you need a quiz for your business?


I was recently introduced to Interact, an online quiz platform that functions like those fun Buzzfeed quizzes we all can’t help but do.

*Of course I want to know what my spirit animal is! (I hope it’s a sloth)*

Now, what does that have to do with business? Everything! There is a reason Buzzfeed quizzes are so popular. There is something appealing about completing a fun little quiz and getting a surprise result at the end. By using a quiz on your website, you’re opening up a fun opportunity for your potential clients to learn something about your business, or even learn something to help theirs, and you'll start attracting new email subscribers. 

Just a few quiz ideas: 

Travel blog: Where were you born in another life? Where should you take your next holiday? What kind of packer are you?  

Fashion blog: Where should you take your next shopping spree? What’s your perfect summer outfit?  

Virtual Assistant Biz: What kind of business owner are you? What services would your business benefit from the most?  

Web Designer: What website platform is best for your business? Should you have a blog on your website? 

Brand Designer: What is your brand personality? Do you need a rebrand? What package do you need?  

Photographer: Which photography package is best for you? What kind of model would you be?  

Wedding Planner: What level of service do you need for your wedding? What kind of bride are you?  

As you can see... the possibilities are literally endless! Just imagine all of the fun you could create.

I chose to create my first quiz to have a more practical purpose. So many of my clients don’t truly understand what a Brand Package really is, or why they need it, and therefore don’t always select the right option for their business. This can lead to them spending more money in the long run, because they have to rebrand later as they grow, or do service add-ons at an increased rate.

My quiz helps potential clients select the best package for their needs. It then directs them to schedule their free Discovery Call with me to discuss their project in detail.  

When the quiz is complete, they are told which package matches their needs the best, and gives them a bit more information about that specific package. Of course, they could skip the quiz and just read through all my package offerings, but that’s not as fun, is it? They are also added to my email list, with specific tags that allow me to send useful and relevant information to their inbox. 

The best part? Interact is easy to use! I had never created a quiz before, and it was a breeze!

Interact features include:

  1. Great customer service

  2. Easy to use (even if you aren't a tech wiz!)

  3. You can customize the design so that it matches your branding and looks like it is a part of your website

  4. Seamless CRM integration for a large variety of platforms

  5. Pre-made quiz templates for a HUGE variety of industries and subjects that you can customize for your own needs

  6. A 7 Day Free Trial to test run everything!

Well, what are you waiting for? Get an epic lead magnet on your site today!

Do you need a quiz for your business?
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