Create a Custom 404 Page in Squarespace


Wait, what's a 404 page?

You know... when you type the wrong website extension, or a link is broken, it's the page that pops up that says you've hit a dead end!

Error Default.png

This is the Squarespace default page that will appear. It's explanatory, but it's ugly. 

Step 1: Design your page. First, add an unlinked page with a title like "error" or "oops", then design the page as usual. I used a Cover Page for this, so that it fills the whole screen if someone reaches it. This option just looks sleek. It basically just needs to say, "you've made it to a page that doesn't exist, where do you want to go now?"

Step 2: Go to Settings, Advanced, 404 Page. In the drop down, change the page to your new "oops" page. 

Step 3: There isn't one, that's it! 

By the way, don't be afraid to get creative/funny about it!

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