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Top Five Branding Mistakes

I get it, starting a new business can be expensive. Not only that, it can be overwhelming! What do you absolutely need when you start and what can wait? What is the right price to pay for the services you need? Because there can be so much information to sort through, I wanted to make a short list of the things you should definitely avoid! I hope it helps.

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Custom Pin-It Buttons for Squarespace

Pinterest is king when it comes to passively sending readers to your blog. If you don’t already have a pinterest strategy, I highly recommend working on it! Whether you just start using Tailwind, manually Pin regularly, or hire a Pinterest Manager -- you gotta get on this!

You already know that I think well-rounded branding is essential… so why stop at just colors and a logo? Enter: Custom Pin-It Buttons!

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Designer Vaca 2018: A Recap

Designer Vaca was started 7 years ago by female biz babes, Promise Tangeman of Go Live and Alyssa Yuhas when they both felt the need to just regroup and relax with like-minded ladies in the design industry. This retreat wasn’t meant to follow a typical “conference” format, with schedule talks every hour for days on end. No, this was meant to be a relaxing, collaborative, vacation. They made sure there was just enough “conference” mixed in with a whole lot of fun and sunshine.

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A Complete Review of the Most-Used Website Platforms

Website building platforms: ShowIt, Squarespace, Wordpress, Weebly, & Wix. How do you choose which one to build your website on? Which one is best for your specific industry and stage of business? I collaborated with one expert on each platform to give you a full review of each one, without a biased opinion (because we are VERY loyal to our chosen platforms!)

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