Do you have branded Instagram highlight icons?


Well, do you!?

If you aren’t utilizing Instagram stories for your business, you need to get on that! Studies show that video is king in 2019, and most people spend their time in Instagram Stories, more than scrolling through their feed these days. With the addition of IGTV, many business owners have been making video a priority.

Instagram Stories gives viewers an inside look into your life, and hopefully, your “real-life”… many people appreciate the authenticity of the less Instagram-worthy content. Your feed can still be beautifully curated, but your stories are your chance to show your followers who you are, what you business is like behind the scenes, and to hopefully learn something and engage with you!

Now, this is where Instagram Highlight Icons come in! If you’re sharing valuable content on your stories, it would suck if it was gone after 24 hours, right? You can use your Archive to save valuable information to your profile highlights, and organize it into categories so that your audience can look back at it, or your new followers can catch up on past content. If you spend heaps of time making your feed beautifully curated, wouldn’t you want your highlights to look uniform too?

I have created custom branded icons for tons of friends on Instagram, and their feeds look awesome!

Check out some examples below.

I am giving away a free bundle of icons, but you can also get custom ones created by me as well! Just head HERE, and use the code “BLOG” for 5% off!

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Do you have branded instagram highlight icons?
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