How To Tell When It's Time For A Brand Refresh


Well, the first question is: Are you still in love with your brand?

The second is: Do you have a BRAND, or do you have a "just a LOGO."

If you're not sure what I mean, you can read a bit more here.

I often have business owners come to me for a variety of "quick fixes" for their logo. I always give a fair quote for the fix they are requesting... but I also put out an offer for a rebrand/brand refresh. This isn't just to get an up-sell, although that's a nice plus. I offer it because many business owners don't realize they could benefit from a full brand suite. 

If you have to reach out to your logo designer, or a new designer, every time you need a logo color change, font adjustment, shape variation, etc. then you'll likely end up spending a lot more time and money than if you had done a full branding package in the beginning. 

Understandably, sometimes that isn't in the start-up budget, which brings us back to the idea of needing a brand refresh. 

Here's a list of a few different reasons you may be in need of a refresh:

  • Your logo/brand looks outdated

  • You need more variations of color/shape for different marketing collateral

  • Your logo gets cropped funny when you try and put it on your Facebook profile image, since it's a circle :)

  • Your focus has shifted slightly since you started your business

  • Your business has grown since you started and it no longer reflects all that you offer

  • You haven't had a website to this point, but are investing in one. Branding packages often include fonts, colors, as well as graphic elements to be used throughout the website in a uniform fashion.

  • You, the face of the business (if that's your biz model) aren't connecting with the current logo/absolutely hate it

  • You had a sporadic business idea and threw something together on Canva to get it out into the world.

  • Your logo isn't in vector format.

  • ...the list can go on.

A brand refresh can simply be an expansion of your current brand. New shape variations, business card designs, graphic elements for your website or marketing collateral, etc. 

Sometimes, you need a full rebrand. Maybe you're thinking of changing the name of your business entirely, or you just want to update the colors and the vibe. 

One is an expansion of what you have, and one is starting with a clean slate. 

Is it time your brand had a bit of a makeover? Never be afraid to ask a designer for a customized package with exactly what you need. Every business is different. I personally love rebranding/refresh projects, because I get to watch the light and excitement about business come back into my clients eyes. That's the good stuff!

Ready for a refresh? Contact me!

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