Why You Need Airtable For Your Business


What is Airtable?

I mentioned Airtable super briefly in my last post about my Favorite Tools for Service Based Businesses, but there is so much more to say!

Airtable, at its core, is a robust content management tool. But, it is also an organizer for tasks and to-do’s. ….and really, a whole lot more! You can customize it so much, that it can be created to do just about anything you need it to.

In Airtable’s words, they are “Part spreadsheet, part database, and entirely flexible”

I think that’s why it works so well for me. It can be customized to suit my brain, and trust me, that is huge! Each of us is different, so why should we be forced to look at something that doesn’t process through our brain easily? You may love the Kanban or Gallery View, where I love the Grid View that looks like an Excel Spreadsheet — because I LOVE spreadsheets!

Uses for Airtable?

EVERYTHING!... just kidding, sort of.

Currently, I use my Airtable to plan out my blog posts and newsletters for the entire year. YEAH! A year’s worth of content. I mark each post when I do the outline/research, when I begin writing, when it is ready for graphics, when it is scheduled, and when it has been published. I also attach my Google Doc link to it, so it is easily accessible anytime I am ready to write, as well as my Pinterest graphics, so I can grab them if I need to share or download them quick. I include keywords and categories, so I can brainstorm as I go. When it is published I attached the blog URL, in case a link ever gets broken or changed, or if I want to quickly share the link to someone.

For my Newsletter, I am trying to be consistent in sending emails to my list every two weeks, with valuable content. I plan out each newsletter with topics I want to hit on, and links/images that go with it. When I am ready to draft and schedule the newsletter, the information is all there ready for me.

The big thing that I have been using Airtable for is my processes. I have ADHD, and planning things and staying on task can be hard. If I want to create or launch something, I need clear steps laid out, with deadlines for me to follow.

Launching my Squarespace template shop has been a goal for a long time, and I have had my first template designed for an embarrassing length of time. I just couldn’t stay on task to take the next step necessary. I knew what steps needed to be taken, I just let client work and normal business tasks take priority and acted like it was justified. Once I sat down with Natasha of Sol Studio Marketing to really talk about what Airtable could do for me, we discovered that a process could be laid out in a spreadsheet format that would keep my brain on task. I gave myself a deadline, outlined all the steps through the template Natasha created for me, and got to work. This wasn’t a magical formula, I still fell off track a few times, life can do that — but I could visualize the steps I had left and how much time I had to complete them. It made the deadline I gave myself seem real.

I also have a workspace made for freebies I want to create for my opt-ins over the year, and the steps I need to take to launch an online course.

I know heaps of people that use Airtable in their Social Media processes, especially those who run Social Media Management businesses. You can organize each client, and each of their social platforms. They can join your workspace to see all you have planned and make suggestions for edits.

I don’t know if I was introduced to Asana the wrong way, and that is why I never fell in love with it, but I fell in love with Airtable — quick.

They have a large selection of templates that you can choose from and customize, for all different types of processes and business needs. They have free versions of the software, referral bonuses, and paid versions depending on how many workspaces you need. I am currently running on one workspace (free version) with two “bases” (Processes and Digital Content), all with 8 total tables.

You can view your tables as a Grid, Calendar, Kanban (sorta like post-its), a Gallery, or a Form. There is a view for every personality type!

If you’re ready to try Airtable for yourself, I recommend two steps:

  1. Sign Up! Duh! I also recommend downloading the desktop app for your computer homepage. I love the easy access I have to Airtable there, and by not opening the internet browser, I am less likely to end up on social media :) — https://airtable.com/invite/r/RwDJtfnC

  2. Go grab a template pack from the Airtable genius herself - Natasha at Sol Studio Marketing! And EVEN BETTER, she gave my readers an exclusive discount code! Run, don’t walk! — https://www.solstudiomarketing.com/shop-1/airtable-templates

Discount Code: LJAIRTABLE

Why you need Airtable for your business
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