How to Add Related Posts to Your Squarespace Blogs


When someone visits your blog from an outside source like Pinterest, it should be your goal to keep them on your site as long as possible. An easy way to do this is to create a "Related Posts" insert for your blog posts. This will direct them to further reading related to the subject they landed on in the original post.  

To make this work the best, you need to create categories (& possibly tags) for your blog posts. Choose a few categories that your blog posts usually fall into, and go back through old posts to add those categories. 

At the end of a blog post, you will add a summary block, in the carousel format.

Select "Blog",

then in "layout" I recommend changing the Header Text to something like "Related Posts" or "Further Reading".

I also do 1:1 ratio, 3 post per row, small text, and center alignment.

You can play with your settings until it looks best for your website design.

In "display" make sure to add a category filter related to the post you're currently on.

I also remove the excerpt, but that is up to you!

This is another thing that can be added to a blog template that you duplicate each time you write a new post, just be sure to edit the category for each new post you publish. 

What else would you be curious to see for Squarespace? Drop me a comment!

Add Related Posts to your Squarespace Page
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