How to Add a Blog Signature in Squarespace


A blog signature is a great option if you have a team of writers, if you often have guest bloggers, or if you just like the idea of it! 

I use my blog signature as a way to include an image of me so that readers can connect with me as a writer on a visual level, to include a small excerpt about who I am and what makes me an "expert" in what I am writing about, and to add links to my social media so that my readers can connect with me there!

To do this, you will create a new Blog page, within your "unlinked pages" section. I would recommend titling the page with "Authors" or something that will specify what it is.

Now, create a new post. You will want to make the title your name (or whoever your author is), then in both the blog content section and in the excerpt section, add your description. You can add a little "about me" and include social media links, whatever you think is relevant. Then, add your photo to the "options" section. You can add categories or tags if you have multiple authors, or leave it blank. 

When making a new blog post:

After writing your post, at the bottom, add a "summary block" in "List" form. Select your new authors blog from the list (if you have multiple authors you'll need to create tags so you can specify which author is showing here).

In "layout", I recommend the image ratio be 1:1 and about 40%, then in "display" reduce the number showing to 1, and remove the primary meta data.

And that's it! You can adjust these settings to fit your signature the best. You may have your image cropped differently, or more/less text. Just play with the settings until it looks good! I also recommend saving a "blog template" as a draft, and making a duplicate each time you write a post so that you don't have to do this over and over again!

How to Add a Blog Signature in Squarespace
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