Planning for a Financially Healthy New Year


I've been working since I was 15, usually more than one job at a time. I was lucky growing up, I didn't have to buy my own car, etc. I was responsible for all the extras; a texting plan (lol), car insurance, new clothes, going to the movies, etc. I was pretty lax with my savings plan... or I should say, I had no savings plan whatsoever. 

I went off the college and things didn't really change, I worked multiple jobs, spent money on McDonalds and expensive coffees and then begged my dad for a bit of gas money. *shaking my head*

Post-Grad, I had more responsibilities, but not really any more money. The job market was (is) rough and I decided to pursue my masters degree. I was taking classes online full-time, taking out even more student loans, and working 40 hours or more at random jobs to keep me afloat. 

I lived paycheck to paycheck, down to mere dollars before each payday. I had no savings, I had no emergency fund, I couldn't take a roadtrip across the state without panicking about my bank account.

Something had to change. It shouldn't be this hard!

I started a pretty simple excel spreadsheet. I used to despise excel, after taking a course in college learning about it, ugh, what a bore! But the spreadsheet made a difference, and it evolved over time. Now, approximately four years later, I have a savings, a few investment accounts, a firm grasp on my debts, and I no longer live paycheck to paycheck. 

Before, this just seemed like the responsible thing to do, to you know, be able to pay my rent and feed myself. Now, it means so much more. I own my own business, I work to pay myself, but I also have to think about my future. I don't have an employer that is adding money into a retirement account for me. I have to think about the future in an entirely different way.

If I hadn't developed this tool, I would be so lost now. 

I have shared a version of my spreadsheet with 100's like me. I like to think it is making a difference in their lives as it has mine. Of course, it isn't some pretty document, decorated with cute icons of flying money or anything, but it's practical and as simple as I could manage. 

If you're ready to get serious about your finances, I want to share my spreadsheet with the masses! Fall in love with Excel like I have and stop worrying about how you'll pay for your next tank of gas! 

Get the spreadsheet here!

Please, let me know if you start utilizing this tool, I'd love some feedback! 

xx LJ

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