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Custom Pin-It Buttons for Squarespace

Pinterest is king when it comes to passively sending readers to your blog. If you don’t already have a pinterest strategy, I highly recommend working on it! Whether you just start using Tailwind, manually Pin regularly, or hire a Pinterest Manager -- you gotta get on this!

You already know that I think well-rounded branding is essential… so why stop at just colors and a logo? Enter: Custom Pin-It Buttons!

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Designer Vaca 2018: A Recap

Designer Vaca was started 7 years ago by female biz babes, Promise Tangeman of Go Live and Alyssa Yuhas when they both felt the need to just regroup and relax with like-minded ladies in the design industry. This retreat wasn’t meant to follow a typical “conference” format, with schedule talks every hour for days on end. No, this was meant to be a relaxing, collaborative, vacation. They made sure there was just enough “conference” mixed in with a whole lot of fun and sunshine.

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A Complete Review of the Most-Used Website Platforms

Website building platforms: ShowIt, Squarespace, Wordpress, Weebly, & Wix. How do you choose which one to build your website on? Which one is best for your specific industry and stage of business? I collaborated with one expert on each platform to give you a full review of each one, without a biased opinion (because we are VERY loyal to our chosen platforms!)

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