Brand & Website Launch: The Good Love Company


Without further ado, I present to you, the new home of The Good Love Company -->

I met Stephanie, the founder of the GLC, like I meet most people these days - on the internet (duh, digital nomadism!)... I was connected to Steph through a mutual contact, and we quickly clicked and moved toward giving her a strong brand identity that she so desperately needed!

The Good Love Company isn't new, but the brand is. Stephanie felt a pull to her line of work a long time ago, and started down the path of entrepreneurship like many of us do - with no clear game plan. When you have a passion project, you want to jump in head first, as soon as possible... sometimes the future doesn't matter just then. As Stephanie and The Good Love Company grew, she realized she needed a proper brand identity and a web home.

We got to work together creating a feminine, luxe brand.. one that was bold, like most powerful women are. 

Good Love Co Biz Card

Working with Stephanie has been a dream, and her business is literally what she was made to do. I cannot wait to watch the brand grow with her successes!

Again, check out the website here, listen to Stephanie & the GLC Podcast here, and join her private Facebook community too!

See the rest of the branding package here!