Do you have a million genius ideas about your ground-breaking business, but are lost when it comes to giving it a 'face'?

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Finance is Fun!

Feel lost when it comes to budgeting? Implement my financial planning sheet in your everyday life, and see your financial future transform.

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Branding Process Workbook

Being clear on your brand vision is a HUGE step and will give you a sigh of relief during this crazy ride called entrepreneurship. 

I've always had a knack for the creative, whether it is a self portrait, pottery, or a website, I just seem to 'get it'.

I was like many others in assuming that a business degree would be better than an art degree - but alas, here I am, sharing my creativity with you. 

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Your brand is your own personal book cover.  Your personality and vision should be ever present in your brand.  Why?  Because you are awesome!  Through a little chatter and exploration, I will learn who you are and why you are passionate about your business.  Through discovery I will help you achieve your one-of-a-kind "book cover" identity. 



We aren't all blessed with the technical savvy that it takes to make a wow-worthy website, but that doesn't mean we don't deserve one!  I am here to create you a fully-functional, unique, and authentic website - that is easy for you to maintain!

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A gorgeous website with out a well thought out brand identity would be like a vanilla latte without the vanilla, you need BOTH!  If you're starting from scratch, or just need a revamp, this bundle is what you need! 



Need some website maintenance done?  Need an Ebook designed?  Just need someone for a few hours to take a bit of work off your hands?

I am your extra cream and sugar!

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I remember when I had no time to sit down and sketch or grab my camera and go take some cool shots.

I didn't like that time in my life.

What really gets me going is textures, patterns, bright colors, pretty photos, latte art, and motivated people trying to make their dreams a reality

I'm going to bet that last one is you.

My dream is to make your dream a reality.  Seriously!  I want to help you create the business of your dreams so that you feel the passion of life again.